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Simbai and Madang Highlands

This package involves 5 days of challenging trekking through rugged terrain to primitive villages in the Simbai Valley, a remote part of the Highlands with no roads in or out and only light aircraft links to Mt Hagen and Madang. The people of the Simbai district belong to the Kalam tribe. Archaeological digs have shown that this area has been continuously inhabited for many thousands of years. However despite small planes flying daily into the airstrip at Simbai to pick up coffee bags and drop off government officials, the Kalam people have very few outside visitors. They continue living traditional subsistence lifestyles in their distinct hexagonal-shaped huts grouped into small family hamlets. They hunt, gather and plant garden plots sufficient for their needs. While other parts of PNG have become westernised over the past century of colonisation, the unique culture of the Kalam people has survived intact. Their colourful appearance rivals the Huli Wigmen of Tari. Their traditional dress includes grass loincloths, necklaces made from the threaded nodes of yellow orchid stalks, large nose ornaments made of bone, shell or cassowary quills threaded through their pierced nose septums, lizard-skin drums to dance with and - the coup de grace - huge cane framed head-dresses covered with animal furs and inlaid with the shells of thousands of iridescent green beetles. A focal point of the Kalam tribal culture is the annual initiation of boys into manhood who occurs during the Kalam Culture Festival each September. Prior to the initiation each boy crafts his own headdress and wears it for the first time at his initiation. Each boy-man then continues to wear the same head dress on ceremonial occasions throughout his adult life. During the initiation festival each boy will kill a pig in public to show that he is now a man. Our Simbai trekking package involves very rewarding walking, with spectacular mountain scenery, a plethora of wild orchids and other exotic flora growing at the sides of the walking trails, and regular sightings of birds of paradise and native mammals (possums, cuscus, tree kangaroos). You’ll also enjoy candid encounters with the mountain people in their little hamlets and along the walking trails as they go to and from their gardens and hunting areas. Your chances of meeting another tourist out here are nil.


4 nights from $1795 per person, based on 6 trekkers ex Madang or Mt Hagen.
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  • International and domestic flights
  • Charter flights
  • 1 night hotel accommodation in Madang or Mt Hagen
  • 2 nights' village accommodation with all meals
  • 1 night Guest house accommodation with all meals
  • Safe and secure environment
  • 2 guides at all times
  • Traditional sing-sing welcome
  • PNG meet, assist and airport transfers
  • All fees and gratuities
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